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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 710 – If You’re Brave Enough, Then Come! nod haunt
Hao Ren surely could hear the noise of the wind power, so he was able to affirm they were still traveling by air.
Su Han was still inspecting the monuments. When she observed how the shrine possessed entered darkness, she had not been a tad scared. As a substitute, she carried on to look at the text about the monuments to attempt to locate forms. Hao Ren was protecting within the entrance, so she experienced very safe.
There was one thing really wonderful about these rock monuments the words to them would become better or dark with respect to the transform of equipment and lighting. The scriptures also didn’t apparently flow while they were always s.h.i.+fting. It might be how the natural stone monuments obtained some selection formations secret included.
Su Han landed and acquired outside of Hao Ren’s arms. Her windbreaker fluttered during the wind and produced her look very interesting.
Hao Ren managed to listen to the noise of the blowing wind, so he managed to confirm they were still piloting.
Even so, he didn’t see any tough beasts throughout the activity area of the Ancestral Dragon Palaces.
Hao Ren hugged Su Han and out of the blue jumped off this Ancestral Dragon Palace!
Su Han was slightly discontent with how Hao Ren relocated her, but she still hugged onto Hao Ren strongly.
While using velocity from the Ancestral Dragon Palace, they were directed traveling for just a few thousand yards in seconds. Hao Ren had maintained stable sword energies and kept onto Su Han snugly.
She was cool which it looked like her eye-brows were constructed from frost, and her vision had been made out of snowfall.
Last but not least, they had the ability to property on the floor while being flanked by pitch darkness.
A formidable aura erupted from Su Han’s entire body.
Even so, whether or not she dug out a large monument, scriptures may not clearly show into it. Of course, just about everything from the Nine Dragon Palace was unexplainable.
The strategy which had been saved in this Ancestral Dragon Palace ended up probably models that ancient cultivators couldn’t even completely grasp and grow.
Right then, Su Han was reading through the scripture on the monuments throughout the dim reflective signals. She experienced understood just a bit of the cracking open phrases around the monument.
If she would appreciate this method, it could possibly aid her withstand the Heavenly Tribulation! Among many jewel monuments, that one was the least amount of, yet it absolutely was very well suited for girl cultivators!
Nevertheless, even if she dug out an entire monument, scriptures might not clearly show about it. Naturally, all kinds of things from the Nine Dragon Palace was strange.
The middle of the Nine Dragon Palace was the Origin Dragon Great Palace. It appeared like the foundation Dragon Lavish Palace was actually a huge collection development, and the hundun strength was growing from numerous meters from the it.
Qian-level… highest!
Su Han landed and obtained beyond Hao Ren’s biceps and triceps. Her windbreaker fluttered within the wind power and made her look very awesome.
“The Origin Dragon Great Palace!” Su Han just about shouted in exhilaration.
Hao Ren was immediately mesmerised by many actions.
Hao Ren couldn’t feel what he obtained just noticed.
Hao Ren was very concentrated and continuing to number.
He instantly sensed no hundun vigor within a couple of hundred m in the Source Dragon Fantastic Palace!
From the style of it, the selection development within the Nine Dragon Palace had outcomes on intense beasts.
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This Old Dragon Shrine flew in darkness for a short time while still haven’t flown out of it.
Just about at the same time, sword energies showed up under his toes.
From your lots of jewel monuments around the Baxia Palace, folks could explain to that was actually a location where old scrolls and methods were definitely kept.

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